2013 Jeep Wrangler

2013 Jeep Wrangler

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Posted: 1355 days ago

Category: Cars & Trucks
Year: 2013
Make: Jeep
Model: Wrangler
Type: SUV
Condition: Used
Transmission: Automatic
Int. Color: Black
Ext. Color: Silver
Price: $18,000.00
Mileage: 2,900
Vin: 1C4BJWFG7DL646881

Seller Information

New York 12808
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EXTERIOR: This Rubicon has the factory hard top and factory T-Tops, all of which have been painted Billet Silver to match. For those warm summer days you can remove the hard top and install the black Gear Shade mesh top which covers the entire roof top opening for sun protection. In addition to the factory hard doors, this Jeep ALSO comes with $3,000 Rugged Ridge half doors with soft uppers. Of course these doors have been painted Billet Silver to match and come complete with rear view mirrors and inner door hinges and handles. These are complete drop in half doors and can be installed in less than 10 minutes. These doors have never been used. We did install them for one Rugged Ridge photo shoot but they were removed the following day and have not been touched since. The lift kit is a 6" Terra Flex long arm system. In addition there is a 1.5" body lift AND 2.5" coil spacers by Terra Flex for a total lift of 10". The wheels are 17" Rugged Ridge Drakon series with 2" billet spacers and are wrapped in 40-13.50-17 Toyo M/T Open Country tires. The hood is Rugged Ridge's latest performance vented hood with ventilated heat escape grills and aggressive upper hood scoops. You will notice we removed the factory RUBICON hood lettering and installed the BEACH KRAWLER lettering in the same location using the same font and same original letter coloring too. The fenders are by Bushwacker of which we obviously painted billet silver to match. Look closely and you will notice the custom clear marker lights which we custom made to fit in the front outer fender locations. There's a full custom Rugged Ridge front bumper with Rigged Ridge bumper end caps, Rugged Ridge front pre runner tubular bumper, Rugged Ridge 10,500 pound winch and Rugged Ridge tow hooks etc. For those dark off road trails in the dead of night, rest assured you will NOT have a lack of visibility. This Jeep has been outfitted with a full over roof Rugged Ridge light rack. Of course, all painted billet silver to match. We even painted the windshield pillar mounts too. Basically the entire front end is all by Rugged Ridge. Look closely and you will notice our own custom made mesh grill. We made this in house and of course......... it too has been painted billet silver to match. The rear end is more of the same. Rugged Ridge rear bumper and end caps, Rugged Ridge rear tire carrier and swing arm and Rugged Ridge rear tow hooks, all color matched billet silver. There's a Hi Jack off road jack which we custom mounted to the right side of the rear tire carrier so as to accomodate fitment of the much larger 40" spare tire. For exterior lighting, everything on this Jeep facing forward is by JW Speaker. It has the very best JW speaker headlights money can buy along with JW speaker lower bumper running lights and JW speaker over roof lights along with JW speaker windshield mount lights as well. If you flick on all 10 lights you can transform any night time trail into a baseball stadium. Its THAT bright!!!! The rear tail lights are by In Pro Car and there's Rugged Ridge rear tail light covers as well (color matched billet silver). Due to this particular Jeeps extreme height, we added custom hydraulic drop steps by Amp Research. These automatically lower 10" the moment you open the door then shut once the door is closed. These drop steps have clear white LED lights to assist when stepping into or out of the vehicle at night. The rear view mirrors have Rugged Ridge mirror covers which have been painted billet silver to match. This Jeep has full custom blue neon exterior lighting as well which can be operated by remote key fob. Simply press the ON button on your remote fob to illuminate the lights and the OFF button to turn them off. Once activated by remote, the lights will stay illuminated for exactly 30 minutes then shut off on their own if you happen to forget. Our lighting specialist added blue strips along the lower frame rails to illuminate the under side of the Jeep. Up front we added one blue neon light under the front lower bumper and another up inside the front mesh grill so the entire front nose of the Jeep glows blue when illuminated. In the rear we added one blue strip along the lower bumper rail and a second blue strip inside the rear spare tire carrier. This causes the entire rear end of the Jeep to glow blue when illuminated. When you see this Jeep parked in a dark parking lot in the middle of the night with the running lights on and the blue neon's activated, it's absolutely bad ass. People flip out when they see this beast all lit up at night. INTERIOR: The most impressive and single handed biggest attribute to this Jeeps interior is: the ENTIRE floor board has been Rhino Lined. We removed the ENTIRE interior of this Jeep, all carpeting, seats, electrical, center console, side trim covers, floor board covers, everything was stripped from the Jeep. Once everything was removed, we had the entire interior flooring portion of this Jeep professionally Rhino Lined. This is essential to true off road enthusiasts who may plan on taking it in deep mud or wet conditions. No worry, just pop the drain plugs and hose out the inside of the Jeep. The Rhino Liner protects everything and dramatically helps on road noise and rattling too. Jeeps are notorious for sounding tinny and picking up lot's of road noise and sound. NOT THIS JEEP!!! With the full coverage Rhino Lined floor, this thing rides smoother and with far less noise than you might think. The seats have been upgraded to custom 2-tone black on silver carbon fiber leather with silver double stitch piping thread. This was all custom designed by Katskin just for this vehicle so it's a perfect match and it looks amazing!! We custom painted the center console and numerous additional interior trim pieces. We added Rugged Ridge door sill inserts, Rugged Ridge grab handle covers and lower covers, all of which we painted billet silver to match. There's a custom gear shift lever and Rugged Ridge grab handles at every door. This Jeep has the factory Alpine premium sound system with CD and factory amp and sub. We ADDED a full custom built ported sub box in rear which houses one 12" Kicker sub woofer and is carpeted black to match. There's a 600 watt Kicker mono amp with adjustable bass knob mounted on the center console so you can adjust the level of bass anytime you want. This is a must have for different types of music. Rock and roll needs less bass where rap and club style music needs more. Simply adjust the knob to your liking and it dramatically helps the sub woofer work to it's full potential. And let me tell you....... this thing absolutely SLAMS!!! You can hear the bass coming from a mile away if you have the windows down and the bass cranked up high. Look closely at the speaker box and chances are you won't even know it's there. We did this for theft protection. Any would-be thief would have no idea there's an aftermarket system in this Jeep at first glance. The box is ported and slotted and the woofer fires downwards so even if you stand behind the Jeep with the rear hatch open, you can't see any speaker. Just a factory looking carpeted enclosure. Look closely and you will notice how we made a custom catch tray area on the upper portion of the box. This was designed to store personal belongings without having them fly off the box while driving. The beveled edges lend lateral support keeping your belongings in place.